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The importance of a strong sales team cannot be overlooked. They are the face of your company, responsible for attracting clients and building a positive brand image. In a series of videos, Jennifer lends her expertise to discuss important factors for establishing a successful sales team. From the Do’s and Don’ts of building a sales team, to creating a supportive culture, you’ll find practices to implement in both the short and long term of your business that guarantee success. Subscribe to Jennifer’s YouTube Channel to stay updated with the latest sales advice.

Q&A With Jennifer Terrell, Former Sales Executive at LivingSocial and Groupon – INTERVIEW

Jennifer Terrell is a former Sales Executive at LivingSocial and Groupon. She earned a BS in medical technology from Purdue University before completing her clinical work at the Duke University Medical Center. But the bulk of her education, as she describes, is from the school of hard knocks.

Jennifer Terrell's Key to Career Advancement

Do you want to get promoted to the next level in your organization, like... yesterday? Nashville's own Jennifer Terrell, a former LivingSocial Sales Executive, shares a secret that will help you do just that, and quickly. Have you had this experience? You've put yourself out there.

Jennifer Terrell Explains How Human Development Can Benefit One’s Life and Career

What are some of the best ways you can improve your life and career? As a passionate advocate of human development, Jennifer Terrell believes investing in your personal growth is one of the best ways to advance in your career. She takes the time to highlight the correlation between human development and one’s professional achievements.

Jennifer Terrell - Former Sales Executive at Living Social and Groupon

Being productive isn't just about putting out volumes of work, it's about organizing yourself to maximize your unscheduled time completing the highest priority tasks. Jennifer Terrell of Nashville, Tennessee, is a lifelong student of the craft of sales and sales management.

Jennifer Terrell Outlines How Companies Can Grow Their Sales Teams

Establishing an effective sales team is a vital component to the long-term growth of an organization. However, scaling your company’s revenue does not just require additional sales representatives. There is an entire infrastructure that needs to be put in place and many factors to take into consideration.

Common Mistakes When Building a Sales Team from Jennifer Terrell

Are you currently building your next sales team? Jennifer Terrell discusses some common mistakes made by many organizations when they’re hiring sales reps to build up a new team. A Big Mistake - Only Looking for Sales Reps with Specific Industry Experience When it comes to hiring for specific sales roles and building a high-performing sales team, Jennifer Terrell does not believe it is necessary to look for specific industry experience.

How to Build a Sales Process

In order to sell a product and/ or service, you need an effective, high-performing sales process that can continuously be implemented across your business. In this blog, Jennifer lists 5 steps to help you form this crucial practice.

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The Importance of Culture in an Organizations Success

Your business depends on a positive company culture. If employees are happy, they work hard to make you and your customers proud. But what happens if your company’s culture isn’t doing so well? How do you fix this?

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The Effects of Start Up Culture

We’ve seen the mass success various tech startup companies have experienced within the last decade. So how can startups in Massachusetts learn from this success and compete in the marketplace?

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