Jennifer Terrell Biography

Jennifer Terrell is a highly experienced leadership consultant specializing in helping startups and growth-stage companies build and scale their revenue-generating capacities. A ferocious student of the craft of sales, Jennifer has held key leadership positions and helped scale sales and operations teams at 4 different companies from very early stages to very large teams, with multiple channels and specialized sales functions. Most recently she completed a 9-year focus in the online retail space being the first employee in sales leadership at LivingSocial, and eventually running the Local team of 500+ people, after reaching Unicorn status in only 2 years.  Jennifer joined Groupon in 2016, after LivingSocial’s acquisition by the daily deal giant, where she had the opportunity to launch and scale sales for a new payment and marketing platform, Groupon Plus, which is now live in 23 cities.

Jennifer currently works alongside her husband, JT Terrell, who is an accountability coach for senior leadership teams, specifically in startups and growth-stage companies.  She loves working with entrepreneurs to help them execute against their vision and meet their goals. An accomplished public speaker, Jennifer also does speaking engagements and delivers keynotes at sales-focused events.

Jennifer Terrell’s sales career began unexpectedly in 1993 when she secured a 100% commission-based position and instantly realized she had immeasurable talent for sales. While Jennifer holds degrees from both Purdue and Duke Universities in Medical Technology, she owes her tremendous success to what she refers to as “the school of hard knocks”. What was originally meant to be a part time sales position while studying for the MCAT, became a vastly successful 13-year-career with the same company, where she rose to the most senior sales leader in the organization nationally, overseeing a salesforce of more than 200 people.

Describing herself as a “doer,” Jennifer Terrell is best at bringing other people’s ideas to life. She is passionate about the execution of her executive partners’ vision and works tirelessly to make that a reality. Jennifer speaks frequently on the topic of alignment, teaching others how to achieve their own goals by focusing more on the overall goals of their employer and their organization to enjoy maximum success.

Jennifer currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, JT, and their two young sons, Mack and Hank. As a family, they enjoy sports and being involved with their church and community.

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