Jennifer Terrell

Meet Jennifer Terrell

Nashville resident, Jennifer Terrell, has established a successful career in sales throughout North America. Currently, she specializes in helping startups and growth-stage companies scale their revenue-generating engines. As the former Vice President of Local Sales at LivingSocial, Jennifer played a key role in establishing valuable relationships with thousands of suppliers across America. Together, Jennifer and the LivingSocial team established a one of a kind online marketplace that details an array of experiences in numerous cities.


Jennifer’s professional achievements have been featured throughout the press since her career began. She is often asked by entrepreneurs for advice in the early stages of launching their products or revenue-driving teams, so recently she has set out to share her insight in a series of interviews on YouTube.  Furthermore, she lends her expertise to various online publishers, appearing as a knowledgeable source on all things sales. 


Jennifer Terrell is passionate about connecting with others. Whether you want to discuss business or are interested in expanding your network, Jennifer would love to hear from you! Please submit a contact form below.